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BioBeyond is centered on the compelling question of how to find life in the universe. The course engages students with simulations and real-world problem-solving activities as they learn everything included in standard first-year biology. 


Smart Sparrow won the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Next Generation Courseware Challenge to help college students from underrepresented and low-income backgrounds succeed in traditionally difficult courses. SRI International found significant improvement in learning outcomes for students using BioBeyond. 

BioBeyond won the gold e-learning award from Reimagine Education.

LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Inquiry and project-based, active learning/learning by doing, case studies

AUDIENCE: College students and instructors at community colleges and universities

EMPLOYER: Smart Sparrow

ROLE: Performed instructional/learning experience design, interaction design, asset curation, LMS building, content writing, quality assurance, continuous improvement, and collaborated with subject matter experts (SMEs)

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