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Critical Chemistry: Opioid Crisis Intervention

The opioid epidemic is the “deadliest drug crisis in American history” (NY Times). Overdoses claim more than 90 American lives each day, and about two million people battle substance abuse disorders stemming from prescription opioids (NIH). This lesson explores the case study of Jack, a college athlete who became addicted to prescription pain medicine. You will examine the chemistry behind the addiction, devise ways to curb it, and save him from overdosing. In part three of the module, Jack has shifted from using prescription pain medicine to heroin. You will learn why this is a common occurrence, and uncover why heroin is more potent than both oxycodone or morphine.

See example screens below. Click to enlarge them.

LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Project-based, active learning, case study

AUDIENCE: College students. 

EMPLOYER: Smart Sparrow

ROLE: Instructional/learning experience design, front-end development, interaction design, LMS builder, content writer, researcher.

I envisioned, designed, and directed this novel approach to learning about intermolecular forces. I worked with an SME, researched the opioid crisis, designed and built the experience in Smart Sparrow’s proprietary adaptive e-learning platform. I have also tested, debugged, and have repeatedly improved the experience based on student and instructor feedback.

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