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UC Berkeley Semester in the Cloud

Working remotely, I collaborated with UC Berkeley faculty to create online and hybrid ADA-compliant high-enrollment academic courses during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. I helped prepare instructors to teach remotely and transition in-person class activities into remote ones.


As part of UC Berkeley’s Digital Learning Services, I collaborated to develop a Canvas LMS template based on CidiLabs tools to facilitate a highly organized and scalable model of course design. I held virtual workshops to train faculty to use Canvas and third-party tools such as CidiLabs and Kaltura. I collaborated with faculty and staff media specialists to create asynchronous digital media content, performed quality assurance, resolved technical issues, and served as a technical and pedagogical resource for faculty. 

LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Transformed from lecture-based to active learning in a scalable, accessibility-optimized format

AUDIENCE: UC Berkeley professors, graduate student instructors, and undergraduate students. 

EMPLOYER: University of California at Berkeley

ROLE: Instructional Designer/Digital Content and Technology Specialist. Collaborated to build Canvas LMS template and Canvas courses. Provided training on how to use Canvas, the template, application of pedagogy, and technology. Provided quality assurance, instructional design, and technology consultations. 

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