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Virtual Cranial Nerve Exam: Dietetics Practical

In this lesson, students perform a virtual nutrition-focused physical exam to observe signs and symptoms suggestive of cranial nerve deficits and other orofacial issues that may have implications for a patient's ability to eat safely and adequately.
From the exam, they connect any deficits they found with potential consequences to the patient's nutrition status, including risk for dysphagia, and, if necessary, refer the patient to a speech-language pathologist for further evaluation.

LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Project-based, case study, situated/active learning

AUDIENCE: Dietetics students in need of practical training

EMPLOYER: Smart Sparrow

ROLE: I worked with the instructor to create this virtual cranial nerve exam. She had won a very small grant to provide more opportunities for practical training. Working within her budget and timeline, I designed and developed this lesson, introducing interactive elements and integrating video/audio and images taken by the instructor. I also tested, debugged, and taught the instructor how to modify the lesson.

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