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Gathering Energy: Energy Challenge, Respiration

This is cellular respiration taught in an innovative fashion. Students first make simple observations from graphs, then play game-like simulations to get a sense of how cells generate energy. The novel learning by doing activities are more fun and meet the learning goals better than traditional methods used to teach this topic.


This learning experience won the gold e-learning award from Reimagine Education as part of BioBeyond.

LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Active/situated learning, inquiry-based learning


AUDIENCE: College students and instructors


Employer:  Smart Sparrow


ROLE: I envisioned, designed, and directed this novel approach to learning cellular respiration. I drew the icons and led the development of animations and interactions with an interaction designer and a game design engineer. I built the experience in Smart Sparrow’s proprietary adaptive e-learning platform. I also tested, debugged, and repeatedly improved the experience based on data and feedback from students and instructors.

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